Attributions & Thanks is greatly indebted to the open source software upon which it is built.

Our debt extends to the public domain & open licensed content used on JOTFLOW.

This page is a big thank you to creators of open content, attributing their great work to them.

Open Source Software Projects:

Project Use License Creator(s) Source
WSGI Framework MIT License Marcel Hellkamp bottlepy/bottle
CSS Framework Yahoo BSD License Yahoo Inc. yahoo/pure

Font Awesome

Icons Library GPL Friendly Dave Gandy Font-Awesome


Syntax Highlighting highlight.js/LICENSE Ivan Sagalaev isagalaev/highlight.js


Markdown Compiler MIT License Christopher Jeffrey (JJ) chjj/marked


Memcached Library MIT License Jayson Reis python-binary-memcached
Markdown Styling (CSS) MIT License Oscar Godson EpicEditor

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We are more than glad to acknowledge your awesome work and give you credit.