Developmental Toys for the Baby

Kazi Aminul Islam Share   |   Edit   |   Trash   |   Edited: Apr 27, 2017
Some parents think that the baby should just play and have fun. The mere thought of letting the infant learn shouldn’t happen until the toddler years. Studies have shown that those who have had an earlier start do better than those that don’t. This doesn’t mean buying books for the baby to read but starting with developmental toys that can be purchased from the store. What are developmental [Best RC Motorcycle and Dirt Bike]( toys? The definition suggests that it builds up the senses that are born with every infant which are namely touch, hearing and sight. The other two which are taste and smell can’t be done yet using toys since these have not yet been developed. Developmental toys appear in all shapes and sizes. The skills in each are different so if the baby is able to finish one with ease, then perhaps it is time to get a new one to further challenge the brain of the infant. Choosing a developmental toy is not easy since there are a lot to choose from. The person should first assess the age of the baby then get a simple one then work from there. A basic development toy is a rattler. The baby does not use this to call the mother to say it is time to eat or change the diaper. This is done to exercise the fingers in the hand and develop muscle in the arms. When monkeys look in the mirror for the first time, these creatures will be shocked and tend to run away. Part of developing the brain of the baby is by having a mirror inside the crib. This is because once the infant has developed a sense of self; the baby will enjoy looking at the mirror regularly. Some mirrors also have something in the back usually in black and white stripes. These are also used to exercise the eyes since color differentiation has not yet been developed at this stage in life. Stuffed animals are the best to have around. This is because manufacturers produce this in various colors and shapes. Some of the things are detachable and can be used as a pacifier or a rattler which makes this an all in one toy which is great to have around. Some of these products also speak or play music when a button is pressed. The parent should make sure these are easy to clean and are very durable which will save a lot of dollars in buying replacements. Infants need to exercise. This can be rolling, crawling or just stretching. The best development toy to do this is the baby gym. These are very light to carry and some versions look like miniature a bag which becomes a playground when this is opened. Disco lights are something like to see in clubs. The baby can also enjoy this by having a miniature lullaby light show. This goes around in circles and different shapes will come out when light passes through it. The toy will surely help the baby go to bed especially with some lullaby music playing in the background There is nothing wrong with teaching a baby at a very early age. Parents who do this in fact are smart because this gives the infant a head start in life which will surely pay off in Pre School and later on in the life of the child.
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