About Us

Jotflow prides itself at being the "The Blogosphere's Sweet Spot."
It is a simple, yet robust blogging platform for casual bloggers.
The idea to create such a platform was conceived in November 2014.
The platform has been open for public use, since January 2015.

Our Team:

Sumukh Barve
Founding Father

Sumukh Barve is the Jotflow's Founder & Chief Stragetist.
He programmed Jotflow.com from scratch, over 2 long months.
Now, he spends most of his time working on CloudBrave.
Yet, he is actively involved in advising the Jotflow team.

Swadhin Thakkar
Business Developer

Swadhin Thakkar joined the Jotflow team in September 2015.
He is incharge of user growth and marketing.
He has been instrumental in forging alliances with our partners.

Suraj Palwe
Lead Programmer

Suraj Palwe joined the Jotflow team with Swadhin Thakkar.
He's incharge of maintaing Jotflow's codebase.
He played a major role in introducing the new WYSIWYG editor.