Jotflow is a platform for:
  • Jotting down your ideas &
  • Voicing your opinions.
Use Jotflow to Let the world know!
Every jot gets a unique URL. Share your jot with friends and followers. With enough likes & tweets, it'll get featured!


Your should jot because:
  • Your ideas deserve to be heard.
  • Your opinions and beliefs matter.
Cherish your freedom of expression!
You will get a personal page, with a unique URL. It will be an ordered index of all your jots. Use labels to organize and categorize your work.


A good time to jot is:
  • Whenever you like &
  • As often as you like.
Jotting should be fun, not a burden!
When bored, read what your friends are saying. Invite readers to share and comment. Interact with fellow jotters, thinkers & innovators.


You can jot from:
  • Anywhere! Home, work or school.
  • Any device! Laptop, iPad or mobile.
On-the-move jotting is especially fun!
Jotflow uses **Markdown** for formatting. You can write as much or as little as you like. Write every day or write just once.

How much?

The cost is $0.00.
  • Jotflow is absolutely free.
  • You are free to monitize your jots.
Freedom of expression ought to be free!
You retain full ownership of your jots. We respect your right to re-publish your work. Jotflow is merely a channel for jotting your thoughts.

Let's start!

Starting is easy: Happy Jotting!
Using Jotflow is very easy. The navigation bar is to the top. If you don't feel like writing, browse the featured jots!


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